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Sustainability in HVAC Maintenance

Include Your objectives into Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Include Maintenance Tasks which Align with your Sustainability Policy

Implementing Maintenance Sustainability Objectives

How We can Help you With Your Maintenance Sustainability Objectives

First of all, we need to know and understand your business’s sustainability objectives; provide us your environmental policy statement, and other relevant details, as part of the initial maintenance agreement scope and we’ll be able to ensure your objectives are included as part of the maintenance agreement for your approval.

The Maintenance agreement, with the objectives, becomes the control document for the technicians to perform their maintenance works. by having the base maintenance scope based upon your company’s environmental policy, it ensures a results aligned with your company’s values.

Alignment with your company’s values and policy’s, including safety, develops a system of documentation we can both follow as a united team
Additionally, this will mean these maintenance sustainability objectives can be converted into a job task which are included in the scope of works the technician uses on site, hence, the objectives become a physical activity which can be measured and verified. We have a secure understanding of the NABERS assessment protocols for Energy and Water, which means we can provide information to you when we see opportunities to improve assessments, especially with the Controls and Building Automation System and the mechanical services HVAC equipment.

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