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Mechanical Services Repairs

The Mechanical Services We provide?

HVAC Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance for Commercial Buildings:

There is a lot here to list and to be blunt a list makes for boring reading so we have added just a few; there are a few added pages to read further under this menu item for more information.

  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • VAV or Variable Air Volume Systems
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Dampers
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Control Systems, including Tridium
  • and more

Can We do your Annual Fire Safety Statement?

Yes, we can provide the mechanical services for the annual 20% checks of dampers,we can also work with your

fire service contractor or engage our own “on your behalf”. Which way you choose, the annual fire safety statement is completed on time, and with minimal interruption.

We are Licensed Air Conditioning Services Contractors

For many of our clients, our expertise in construction, maintenance and Mechanical Services has saved them valuable time and money. Our experience in Building services from the installation through to implementation and operational maintenance provides our clientele the savings and peace of mind in operational performance, energy management, reduce the “layers” in mark ups.

How Can we help you reduce costs?

Experience is the key.
Reducing costs is, at times as simple as ensuring the mechanical air conditioning service work is actually completed, ensuring the work is done and any corrective repairs, which are required, are communicated to the building owner (and not swept under the carpet).

So What Makes us Different?

Reports with photos outlining what was completed, what need to be done,

and an Asset register keeping record of the activities. This is the true benefit of having our company provide these services. How many Mechanical services provider offer photos as part of there service report delivery? Not many, how many are capable? They all are. Its a simple point of difference and it is easy to do, but few do it.

What is in it for me (the client)?

You have a choice, we can do the work directly and/or sub-contract the work, either way, you have experienced people supervising and monitoring work place safety, and, the results of the Mechanical Services work.
The most important priory when considering mechanical services is the people and communications between the building owner and the mechanical Services crew.
Our experience in the industry, is long, and our access to good people, whom have proved themselves over the years, is the foundation of our success. Good people is imperative for our success as well as our client’s.
We ensure effective communications by providing photos as part of the reporting process. The photos often speak for themselves; providing straight forward understanding of a given scenario.

Want to know more?

Call today to discuss how we can help you “move on” from your current issues and improve your building’s performance.

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