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Mechanical Electrical Projects

Construction, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Hotels, Aged Care, Residential, Data Centers

How Can we help you?

We can offer a holistic turn key price for your mechanical electrical projects, from the Switchboard design a d construct, commission and test to running the cables, the cable tray and complying to the specification form the consultant and relevant Australian Standards AS3000, AS3008 and so forth.
Works Typically Include:

  • Maintenance and Operations Manuals
  • AS installed Drawings / Schematics
  • Commissioning Check Sheets
  • Data Sheets
  • Design of Switchboards
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Control Strategy
  • Ratings
  • other relevant parameters subject to the scope of the project

Projects in Construction

We understand the construction process, we understand the documentation required and the direct communications to obtain results in a timely manner
We appreciate the order of installation and the requirements to be finished on time.

Two Birds with One order

Your Greatest advantage with our Company is the Building Management System and the Mechanical Electrical, including switchboards can be engineered, installed and commissioned in a single order.

Grey areas are eliminated as the person Engineering the mechanical electrical , including relay control, slave points, stop/start and status points is also the Engineer providing the BMS input / output schedule for the controllers serving the switchboard, hence all the grey areas are covered in side this one person head.

This produces a cleaner, faster and more complete result. Commissioning and programming can be 80 percent completed in the work shop.

Projects for Occupied Premises

Performing projects, refurbishments, upgrades and similar in an occupied building takes care and communications with tenants and the consultant.
The process is not particularly hard, considerations need to be given to noise, privacy, critical environments, and critical rooms. This is especially so in Law and defense buildings where access is only permitted during certain hours on certain days.

Ensuring the tenants are aware and checking when the works are complete that nothing was left behind or doors left open, hatches unhinged and similar. Practice makes Perfect they say.

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