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Sustainability in HVAC Maintenance

Include Your Policy into Preventative Maintenance Agreements Include Maintenance Tasks which Align with your Sustainability Policy

How We can Help you With Your Sustainability Objectives

First of all, we need to know and understand your business’s objectives; provide us your policy statement, and other relevant details, as part of the initial agreement scope and we’ll be able to ensure your objectives are included as part of the agreement. This will mean these sustainability objectives can be converted into a job task which are included in the scope of works the technician uses on site, hence, the objectives become a physical activity which can be measured and verified. We have a secure understanding of the NABERS assessment protocols for Energy and Water, which means we can provide information to you when we see opportunities to improve assessments, especially with the Controls and Building Automation System and the mechanical services HVAC equipment.

Your Sustainability Objectives

Crystallize the outcomes you have specified in your own sustainability Policy by “weaving” processes and tasks into the service agreement which align with your business goals. We can provide Agreement features, in line with your sustainability objectives, such as:

  • Detail Condition Reports with Photos
  • Detail Equipment Consumables such as Refrigerant gas, electrical power and Air Filters
  • Detail Opportunities for Performance improvement
  • Detail possible NABERS Assessment improvement opportunities
  • Detail expected life Term of Equipment, Expected replacement Cost
  • Create an Asset Register
  • Install Temporary or permanent Electrical Energy Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Install Trend logging equipment
  • Enhance opportunities in your Controls / Building Management System
  • Perform Energy Audit
  • Perform Building Services Audit

With or Without Sustainability Objectives

If you don’t have specific objectives or not, opportunities for energy and Water Efficiencies will arise; we will bring them to your attention, with photos, so you can make a choice as to whether to develop the opportunity or not.


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