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Essential Building Services

What are you obligations?

Did your “Annual Fire Safety Statement” (AFSS) pass?

Essential Building Services including Fire Systems, Generators, Electrical, Work place Health and Safety and many more……
Legislative Compliance, Australian Standards, Council compliance, scheduled times and obligations
Risk, this is what we are essentially talking about, reducing, mitigating and removing as much risk to you, your people, your business and the businesses that operate on your premises, including the business of simply living in an apartment building.

How do we help you in reducing Risk?

Our supply chain is an integral part of our business operations, expertise in specialized essential services is both a valued and a necessity commodity for building operations. We call upon our supply team from time to time when there is clearly an opportunity to reduce your risk. We obtain quotes, refer to legislation or Australian standards or any other ruling body or document, and bring the information to your attention and provide the appropriate recommendations.
Reducing your risk, and improving the flow of operations is fundamental to successful building management and facility services operations.

Are you aware of any scheduled requirements, any necessary actions based upon legislation or code?

Typically councils and other authority bodies have time limits for compliance to Australian Standards and/or legislative codes; the sooner any non-compliance is uncovered, investigated and resolved, the smoother it is to maintain facility operations. Any and all obligations, scheduled requirements, and so forth needs to be understood as early as possible so all stake holders are aware and all management can resolve any issue in an expedient manner, time is of the essence.

Is your building compliant to all the legislation and local codes?

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