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Building Management Systems (BMS)

Solutions from minor repairs to upgrades to new project installations

  • Multi-Brand
  • Tridium / Niagara AX
  • Bacnet
  • LonWorks
  • Some Proprietary
  • Small local control systems to entire site installations

Energy Management System

Stand alone Energy Management Systems (EMS) which are compatible with most Building Management Systems or extend your existing BMS, via high Level interface, to collect the data from energy meters to trend log in your existing BMS.

There is also an opportunity to increase the overall value of the asset with the Nabers assessment results and CBD lighting assessment results.

Lighting and Air Conditioning HVAC Control

Bring the lighting control in line with the air conditioning or HVAC control. The energy savings can be significant. Simple strategies such as an occupancy sensor for meeting rooms shuts of the air conditioning while the room is unoccupied, saving both the tenants and the Landlord energy costs.

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