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Building Management System Projects

Competitive Pricing, Current Technology, Electrical Trades People

One Design and Project Engineer for the BMS, the Lighting Control, and the Electrical Means Better Project Management & Fewer Variations!

BMS Projects including upgrades, construction, refurbishments

Occupied Facilities a specialty

BMS Projects

We offer a free initial consultation, on site, at your convenience.
In our discussion, for your BMS projects, we’ll give consideration to the following:

  • 1. Your thoughts for ensuring open Market serviceability (multi vendor systems)
  • 2. Energy conservation, your ideas, current strategies
  • 3. User accessibility, mechanical service agents, Web interface, GUI
  • 4. Capital expenditure or long term gradual change over
  • 5. NABERS rating, does it apply and it relevance
  • 6. What is your current situation, urgency? Priorities?
  • 7. What are your preferences for protocols or systems
  • 8. have you considered lighting control, access control, security
  • 9. Budget price (on the spot)

Licensed Electricians

Building Management System technical services
Our Background is in Mechanical electrical, as such we can install, modify, improve, and make wiring changes from an interface relay to a complete rewire and new switchboards, without the need for an additional contractor; in fact the same person does the work so it is easier to commission and fault find if necessary.
Industry practice is to install the BMS controllers inside the mechanical switchboards for direct control of the interposing relays and status points, without having to install additional panels and additional wiring.
The major benefit for our clientele is the “single order” opportunity will provide the assurance to cover all the engineering “grey areas”.
A single engineering schematic, specification, and project manager rather than multiple companies and contractor involved; this also reduces the likelihood of any variations.

Building Management Systems (BMS) Installations and Extensions:

We can provide the following Special Project Services as part of our project teams scope, including:

  • Designing, Functional Specifications, Engineering, Documentation
  • BMS Network and supply Cable installation
  • BMS controller Panels
  • BMS Power, Gas, Water, Fluid Energy Metering
  • BMS Web servers and/or PC “Front Ends”
  • Existing Switchboard modifications
  • New Mechanical Switchboards with BMS controllers installed
  • Graphics User interface – Customized to suite end user(s)
  • Commissioning (CIBSE as Required)
  • DLP Maintenance
  • Green star Strategies
  • NABERS Assessments
  • CBD Lighting Assessments
  • 24/7 call out
  • Remote access and support
  • Work Place Health and Safety Compliance
  • Relevant Insurances

Every Project has a Team

Each project has a team including the Project Manager, the Software Engineer, the Controls Engineer and the Installation Supervisor.

Post Installation Support

Building Management Systems and energy management System come with the site’s idiosyncrasies and these are not something easily recognized. Our Clients have core business activities of their own and often seek to “set and forget” when it comes to the system. We offer additional services, post completion, tailored to meet your budget and objectives. We can regularly fine tune the system to suit the changing needs of your environment or simply provide some regular preventative maintenance.
We can provide a full comprehensive performance based agreement where our services are based on results and we pay for parts and labor if anything should breakdown.
There are several core agreements which we can tailor to assist.


Usually written by an independent consulting party detailing the requirements for the BMS installation. We can write one for you for a “Peer Review” which will save you dollars on Consulting fees and still obtain a Control document to work with. The Peer review ensures any “grey areas” are covered and you are protected.

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