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Building Management System Services

Preventative Maintenance Agreements | New Installations | Refurbishments | Upgrades | Projects We are licensed Electricians which means we can investigate and modify / upgrade your mechanical services Switchboard without the need for a third party

BMS Installation | Projects | Upgrades | Refurbishment | Maintenance | Repairs | Audits.

BMS Communications protocols
Niagara AX, Lon Works, Bacnet, Modbus, some proprietary communications also:

Our BMS Services (Building Management Systems) are designed and Engineered to suit your site requirements or to your specifications; We offer the Niagara AX Open Platform with network “backbones” in Open Protocols such as Lon works, BACnet, Modbus and some proprietary systems.

Our Team has experience with various vendors including Siemens, Honeywell, tac, Delta, Reliable, and More.
We provide full passwords to the owner at the end of warranty/DLP and follow up with fine tuning and environmental objective during warranty periods.

BMS Projects:

Special Projects and system extensions/additions from as little as $2,000. Refurbishment Projects in existing premises are a specialty. Maintaining indoor conditions and lighting control during bms upgrades and refurbishments, and keeping your tenants happy, minimizing any interruptions is our first priority. Sectors we have installed and serviced bms projects include:

  • Education
  • Commercial Offices
  • Legal offices (courts)
  • Hotels
  • Government
  • Aged Care
  • Data Centers
  • Strata Apartments
  • Defense
  • Entertainment
  • Health care

BMS Service Agreements:

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), including Full Comprehensive (CM), Preventative (PM) and Corrective maintenance agreements; our agreements include:

  • Sustainability Objectives
  • Regular site visits weekly/monthly/bimonthly
  • Controller and filed device test/inspect
  • 24/7 call out
  • Remote access and support
  • Firmware and software upgrades throughout the life of the agreement
  • Reduced Labour Rates and equipment for agreement customers

Building Management System Software:

Tridium Niagara AX, Building Supervisor, and many others, perhaps you only need web access via a static IP to the JACE; Every site has its own set of parameters for which we identify with our client and endeavor to provide a system which has Balance between price, needs and wants.

Considerations include:

  • BMS Lighting integration
  • Refurbishments while the building is occupied is our specialty
  • BMS High Level Interface
  • BMS Graphics tailored to suit our client
  • Low level Interface
  • BMS High Level interface data can be accessed via the graphics
  • Services integration
  • BMS trend logs are easily set up and analyzed, click right and export to excel.
  • BMS Lighting Control
  • Trend logs can be display for viewing view a browser or the graphics directly
  • BMS (existing/new)
  • Installation of BMS components into existing switchboards
  • Carbon Dioxide & Monoxide
  • BMS Graphics can be as busy or as simple as required to suit the user or multiple users with different permission levels.
  • occupancy Sensors
  • Boilers, chillers, pumps, Fan motors Variable speed drives can be brought into the BMS system
  • Alarms to E-mail & SMS
  • Web server for access
  • BMS Car parks fan control

Bespoke Service Agreements

Not Every situation or site fits into a formula, your site is unique and your business requirements are unique.
We can structure an agreement or the service we provide to fit with your model.
We offer peripheral services which compliment our core business, giving you a single point of responsibility and a single point of contact. Services such as:

  • Annual Fire Safety Statements
  • Emergency lighting testing and repairs
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical
  • and others,


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